7. Be Courageous --- Don't draw fire but always defend your position. You have that right.

8. Always be  aware and alert and be ready to fight this war. Your time and efforts are valuable. You are the last line of defense for America.

Our fore fathers wanted competition between the states. Central control destroys that competition. The central control (federal government) should have the least power. Social concerns are best left to the states to determine. We are lopsided now. One way to help correct this problem is on the charity issue. With a government taking so much in taxes and fines it is now immoral to pull on its citizen's heart strings for charity concerns. It is not more moral for you to give till it hurts, if doing so only helps to further destroy our economy. Many charities actually give to liberal causes and politicians before using the money for their cause.

I call on you to support the constitution and its original intent. Let's get the Federal Government out of state concerns!

Good luck and God bless you, and God bless America,


Recommended Plan of Action


We have yielded too much ground already. Welfare is doing more harm than good. We need to work our way out of this demise thru capitalism. Below are some things we can all do to help:

1. Stop giving to all charities, except for normal church tithes.

2. Do all you can do to improve your home, your street, your neighborhood and your town.

3. Get to know your neighbors as you will need them and they will need you. You will need to know if you can trust them.

4. Encourage people you trust and know to be patriots.

5. Be willing to pay people cash for small jobs they do to help you. People need to work!

6. Some of our neighborhoods and cities are not SAFE. Try not to be in these areas alone and always have a working camera with you. Note the names of the police officers who will or won’t take action when needed and write down times and place of events. If redress can't happen now, documented info may help in the future.